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Historian Office Goals

As of January, 2004.

  1. Inventory
    Complete the inventory started by Lord Burkhardt. Include listings for all newsletters (TI, CA, Kingdom, Groups, Guilds, etc). For non-newsletter items create a listing and short description (Reign files, Bishop Geoffrey files, Histories, other publications). Started
  2. On-line Presence
    Get the inventory on-line. Started
    Build an on-line database for the reigns and associated information (see Midrealm for good example).
    Build a database for offices of the East Kingdom.
    Build a database for groups of the East Kingdom. Started
    Maybe build a database for people of the East Kingdom (SCA Name only. Click on a name in a reign entry and see what else they've done…)
    Publish local group histories. Ongoing
  3. Build Historian Collection
    Acquire missing issues if possible. Ongoing
  4. East Kingdom Book of Lists
    Create an East Kingdom Book of Lists. Using Midrealm as template.
  5. Geographical History
    Beginning with the one from Richard the Poor - bring it up to the present time for just the current EK.
    Expand it to include former EK groups up until the points of separation.
  6. History of the Shire of Hartshorn-dale
    Primarily a personal project, but could serve as an example for other groups.


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